converzar adhesive abrasive


  • Experience: Founded in 1975, our service vocation to industrial customers has remained intact since we started out.
  • Quality: Thanks to our top tier suppliers, together with the necessary production means and the specialised work of our team, we have attained the confidence of customers in the most demanding sectors.
  • Flexibility – Commitment: Our objective is to keep ahead of our customers’ needs and satisfy them, offering an unbeatable product and service.
  • Speed: We have materials in our stock warehouse that substantially shorten delivery times to our customers, thus optimising our service.
  • Innovative orientation: We are continuously seeking improvement in our processes and we invest in technology and production means, to be on a par with the requirement level of all the industrial sectors we work with.
  • Integrated project management: As a full service supplier, we provide our customers with solutions, starting with the development, prototype and series phases, right through to the product application phase.

  • Sustainable growth
  • Presence in different industrial sectors
  • International expansion
  • Technological innovation
  • Continuous improvement


We create solutions that help our customers to apply the products in their industrial processes to speed up the process.

Synonyms of conversion 

handling = transformation = diecutting

Advantages of conversion in industrial processes:

  • Cost control

  • Process control

  • Improved product applicability in processes

  • It facilitates automation

  • Time reduction


Converzar is a firm engaged in the distribution and conversion of adhesive tapes, abrasives and liquid adhesives

We supply a quality products and services at a

competitive price

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