Automotive, aeronautical and special vehicles

The development of the transport industry is largely due to the technological advances achieved in the field of adhesives.

These are widely used in the folding of flanges of the different elements that make up a car like doors, bonnet and trunk. Also, the use of composite materials has allowed progress in the area of ​​adhesives and its application in modern supersonic aircraft.

The union with these components allows to fine-tune the contours and minimize machining operations, since it is not required to open holes to assemble; in addition, the specific resistance of the materials is greatly favored. The productive processes also improve, because a single operation replaces several stages that consume more resources.

CONVERZAR products have a large number of applications in the automotive, aeronautics and special vehicles sectors (trains, coaches, trucks, ambulances, etc.). Here are some of the most significant ones:

Fixing of interior panels, rear-view mirrors, emblems, parking sensors and headlamp washers, profiles, upholstery, sound deadening and screws. Installation of glass and moldings. Wiring harness Pasting ceilings. Marking and coding of wiring and equipment. Seals or edges. Decorative vinyl
Mask in painting procedures. Protection elements during the transport and assembly or to high temperatures and vibrations; of delicate pieces and in blasting and welding processes. sound deadening. Sealed against water in lights and pilots.
Cut Deburring Sanding Cleaning Finish Polished

In a highly competitive market, CONVERZAR stands out for the fact that it supplies goods with the best quality / price ratio. Our proven experience makes us worthy of the recognition of reliable 3M tape distributors. And our service includes the attention to the particular needs of each client of the automotive and aviation sector, designing and elaborating specific alternatives for them.

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