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A lot of materials that are used today can not be joined with nails, screws or staples in the traditional way. Thus, many elements of fashion, including plastic in its different versions, marble and granite, require adhesives that have been specially designed for construction.

Professionals have found that even those surfaces that accept mechanical fastening such as wood and drywall, join faster and less laboriously with glues. Additionally, there is no need to refill or apply a finish to hide the holes left by the screws and nails.

Use of adhesives

CONVERZAR has single and double sided tapes, used in the construction market, in heating and air conditioning services, glass, curtain wall, ceramics, signage, signage, etc.

Assembly of stands, moldings, displays, cable ducts, signage. Protection of pipes, glass, mirrors, glass edges, profiles of frames and windows, blasting processes, anticorrosive ducts and anti-slip for floors and stairs. Masked in painting procedures. Separation of glasses. Fixing and installation of carpets and ornaments. Gummed to the frame in curtain wall installations. Land marking and signage. Reflective Soundproofing and acoustic blocking. Sealing in air conditioning assemblies, against liquid and gaseous leaks, cracks in concrete, glazing in fire doors, facade components, sandwich panel, joints and panels in ceilings. Canvas splicing. Cutting discs for metal structures. Abrasives for welding deburring.

CONVERZAR is a company founded in 1975, in which we keep from the beginning the ability to serve the industrial customer and their needs in the area of liquid adherents, adhesive tapes and abrasives. We work only with top quality materials, anticipating user requirements and offering creative solutions with superior characteristics.

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