Electricity / electronic applications

soluciones citas adhesivas electricidad electronica

Adhesive tapes are irreplaceable in many industrial products, occupying a preponderant role in the areas of electricity and electronics. It is so much so that it is said that in a Smartphone there are more types of these than applications. And when we talk about tying the wiring of a new car, you would need an amount equivalent to 800 thousand square kilometers. This is approximately an area between the size of Brazil and Australia.

Although it seems exaggerated, while the user slides his fingers on the mobile touch screen is not aware that internally various adhesive tapes are doing the work from one layer to the other, keeping them together, blocking or directing the light where it is required, diverting the emission of heat so that the processors do not overheat and protecting it in the event that, unfortunately, it is released from the hands and falls to the ground.

Uses of adhesive tapes and die-cut parts in the electrical and electronic sector

And in the same way we work LED TVs, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, GPS systems of vehicles, and the rest of the equipment, without which we can not imagine the existence today. CONVERZAR, leader in the market, has this material, especially indicated as insulation, protection, sealing and electromagnetic shielding. In general way:

Fixing and assembly of cable gutters and plates of characteristics. Isolation, marking and coding of wiring. Isolation and protection of windings in motors and transformers. Electromagnetic shielding Heat sinks – ThermalPads. Marking of components. Anti-corrosion protection and the elements against high temperatures. Sealing electrical junction boxes. Protective caps (bumpons). Masked in the process of welding.

If your business is related to this sector, in CONVERZAR we have the answer to your needs. Contact us through our website and a team of highly experienced professionals will assist you in solving the problem or situation that concerns you.

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