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soluciones adhesivas para sector electrodomésticos

In the same way as in other industrial fields, adhesive tapes have different applications in the manufacture of household appliances. In this way, it is possible to minimize the distance between the coils of refrigerators and freezers and the polystyrene body, maximizing heat transfer. It facilitates the placement of the evaporator and adhere beautiful designs that embellish the front section.

The emblems and the internal small components are fixed without drilling the substrates, the temperature and clock screens are installed, the vacuum insulation panel is mounted, the sensitive parts of glass, plastic or metal are protected, the doors, baskets and shelves during transportation and the final location. This will prevent leakage when applying polyurethane but allowing free air circulation.

Uses in the area of ​​household appliances

And we’re still talking about refrigeration equipment. Similarly, there is a wide field of service in ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and others. In general, CONVERZAR has adhesive tapes used with the white line for assembly, wiring, coating and electromagnetic shielding. These are presented in die-cut parts that allow the automation of the processes.

Assembly of moldings and profiles, and protection of the latter. Fixing of glass to metal profiles. Protection of screen-printed plates, metal sheets, glass and mirrors against scratches, vibrations and elements in the face of high temperatures. Functional covers. Tape and insulation of cables and connectors. Marking and coding of wiring. Fixation of decorative components, door handles and keypads. Subjection when moving mechanisms in plant. Pasting panels. Acoustic isolation. Electromagnetic shielding

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